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updated schedule

Greetings all!

Here it is, your
Thursday, 13 November, 2008
Informal events:
1300-- Walking tour of Main Film Locations (City Centre/Cardiff Bay; meet at Cardiff University Student Union)
1700-- Screening (Birt Akers)
Friday, 14 November, 2008
0800-- Registration begins. (VJ Gallery/foyer Main Building)
1000-- Greetings and Introduction from the Chair (Small Chemistry Lecture; Main Building)
1030-- 'There is No British Empire-- Yet.' Sociology in the Whoniverse. (Moderator: Una McCormack, Ph.D, Independent Scholar)
"Whose Doctor?": Jessica Frey (Ryerson/York University, Toronto).
Army of Ghosts: Sight, Knowledge and the Invisible Terrorist in Doctor Who: Matthew Jones (Manchester)
“I don’t know if it’s Marxism in action or a West-End musical” Class, Citizenship & Culture in ‘New’ Doctor Who: Lisa Kerrigan (BFI)
Lumic’s Cyber Revolution: An Allegory of Empire: Christine Gilroy (Independent Scholar)
1230-- Lunch (Graduate Centre cafe)
1400-- Who's Morality? (Discussion Panel; Panelists TBD)
1500-- 'Who's the Man?!' Masculinity and Sexual Identity in the Whoniverse: (Moderator: Una McCormack-- Independent Scholar)
The Regeneration Game: The Changing Faces of the Heroism In Doctor Who: John Paul Green (Sunderland)
Captain Jack Harkness, "An Impossible Thing": Bisexuality, Difference, and Identity:
Blake Wilder (North Carolina State)
1600-- Coffee Break (VJ Gallery/foyer Main Building)
1630-- Keynote Speaker: Matt Hills, Ph.D Cardiff (JOMEC)
'I think we're at the start of Doctor Who Studies': New dialogues between fandom
and the academy?
1730-- Dinner
2000-- Reception (Shot in the Dark cafe, City Road).
Saturday, 15 November, 2008
0900-- Registration opens. (VJ Gallery/foyer Main Building)
1000-- 'I'm not just a fan!' Subversion and Fan Studies in the Whoniverse. (Moderator: Rebecca Williams, Ph.D, University of Glamorgan)
Torchwood - Subverting Fandom: K Faith Lawrence (Southampton)
Constructing a Space for the Subversive: Critical Cultural Commentary in Doctor Who: Erica Moore (Cardiff)
Faces from the Past: Countering the Postmodern through Nostalgia-as-Embodied Presence in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures: Ross Garner (Cardiff)
1130-- Coffee Break (VJ Gallery/foyer Main Building)
1200-- Discussion panel-- TBD
1300-- Lunch (Bute cafe)
1400-- Time Gone By: How Who Encounters History. (Moderator: Kate Pilkington, University of Maryland, College Park)
Who’s history? Doctor Who fan critics, historicals and pseudo-historicals: Matthew Kilburn (Independent Scholar)
Beware of Geeks (Mis)quoting Greeks: Amanda Potter (Open University)
Caecilus est pater, Medicus est Dominus Tempi: Doctor Who, Romans, and the Cambridge Latin Course: Tony Keen (Independent Scholar)
1530-- Coffee break (VJ Gallery/foyer Main Building)
1600-- Who Am I? Whoniversal Philosophy (Moderator: Melissa Beattie, Cardiff University)
Who's Real: The Doctor's Lacanian Struggle: Katie Reing (Rosemont College)
“I name thee”: Political Implications of Names and Naming in Doctor Who: Anindya Raychaudhuri (Cardiff)
The Ontological Trouble of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect: Time Travel and the Self and the Self: Allyson Shaffer(Minnesota)
A Kiss is Just a Kiss (Except When it's Not): Life and Breath in the Whoniverse: Melissa Beattie (Cardiff)
1800-- Break
1900-- Screening: 'Ghost Light'
Sunday 16, November, 2008
1000-- Registration opens (VJ Gallery/foyer Main Building)
1000-- Podcasting discussion
1030-- Breaking the Fourth Wall: The Whoniverse and Real-World Technology (Moderator: Alexandra Smith, Cardiff)
Dr Who and the Innovation Generation: A one-off Episode: Peter Talbot-Jones (Independent Scholar)
The Commercial Electronic: Doctor Who and the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop: Charlotte Stevens (York University, Toronto)
1130-- Discussion Panel (TBD)
1230-- Closing ceremonies (VJ Gallery/foyer Main Building)

Added in are the locatons of each event (mostly Main Building) and a few other odds and ends.

Remember, you can still register! :)

Only a few more days...

Melissa Beattie, Ph.D candidate
Cardiff University, School of History and Archaeology
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