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minor updates:

Greetings all--

Just a few notes...

1. The friday night reception is now being run only by the same committee as run everything else. There will be no changes to the venue or other posted information; we will still be at Shot in the Dark, in the upper floor, at 8 pm on Friday.

2. The saturday night screening will now be in the Large Shandon Lecture theatre rather than the Birt Acres (which I have apparently been misspelling. Sorry about that). The Large Shadon is where all of our presentations will be, starting Friday afternoon. (The Friday morning panels are in a slightly smaller room just down the corridor).

3. The walking tour of Cardiff begins at 1 pm sharp at the Cardiff Student Union on Park Place. It will last about 3 hours, leaving about an hour until the thursday screening (actually in the Birt Acres, which is in the Bute building).

More information as it happens!

Melisa Beattie, Ph.D candidate
Cardiff University, School of History and Archaeology
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