thanatos_kalos (thanatos_kalos) wrote in whoniverse_conf,

Announcement: Opening night reception

Greetings once again!

We are delighted to announce that the Cardiff University Sci-fi Society have offered to host our opening night reception! It will be held upstairs at cafe/bar A Shot in the Dark (12 City Road) from approximately 8 pm through 11 pm. I understand that they are planning any number of games, quizzes, and more. You can find out more about the society on their lj_comm:

The reception will be open to anyone holding either a day pass for Friday, a 3-Day pass or a valid BBC Wales studio ID. We're not going to sell tickets just for the reception; this is because we have to plan our venues with the fire codes in mind and we'd hate to try and pack 100 people in a space designed for 50.

So, thanks again to the great folks at the sci-fi society, and thank all of you for your help in promoting this conference. We really appreciate it!

Melissa Beattie, Ph.D candidate
Cardiff University, School of History and Archaeology
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