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Quick updates:

Greetings all!

Just a couple of notes: first off, as you may have heard, the Cardiff Bay Expo, one of the stops on our locations tour, was just expanded and refurbished. Because of this, the entry price has increased. Students and other concessions will be £3.50. If enough of you bring your NUS cards, however, we should be able to get everyone in for that rate, by breaking you into groups of four (2 concessions, 2 adults) and calling you a family. Since fandom is one gigantic extended family, I'm thinking this is certainly do-able. ;) Remember: the tour begins Thursday, 13 November at 1 pm sharp at the Cardiff University Students Union.

Secondly, I want to remind you that registration is still available for the conference! You can even register at the door for the same price as those who've pre-registered. Unfortunately, because we've all ready had to tell university catering how many people are coming, anyone who registers between now and the day won't be able to have the catered lunch. That's the only difference, however. Registration info is in the community userinfo.

Third-- we are looking for people who would be willing to man the registration desk, either morning of afternoon. The duties would be very simple-- check names off a list and give out delegate packs (programmes, essentially). If they haven't yet paid then they'll be sent to a committee member to do that, so you won't have to worry about that. If you're interested, please email me at :)

Fourth: As you've no doubt realised, I am using a different form of punctuation and introduction to each update. In addition to this, you'll notice that dinners are not being catered by the university. For friday, since our reception is off-site, committee members will be leading groups of twenty to different restaurants in the area (£10-£15 for dinner, plus at least one pub). You can sign up for that when you register at the conference, if you choose, or you can go on your own. For Saturday, as we are having a screening for our evening event, we will ask for £5 from everyone staying and buying a great deal of pizza (and beverages). It'll be just like an evening at home with your mates watching telly (just with academic discussion afterward).

More updates as they occur! :)

Thanking you all once again,
Melissa Beattie, Ph.D candidate
Cardiff University, School of History and Archaeology
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